Website Maintenance

  • Core Benefits of Website Maintenance

  • We offer a full range of business website support services, Pvt Ltdluding content updates, website maintenance, technical support and business website hosting will drive new traffic to your website.

Enhanced Security

Most websites are hacked with the simple goal of proving it can be done, or to see how much disruption the hacker can cause. Many times small business websites and blogs are targeted simply because they are small and therefore less likely to be secure.The average hacker doesnai??i??t care about the impact their actions have on you and your business. If your site is not up to date with the latest cyber security programs, patches and fixes you are simply leaving yourself wide open to attack. Donai??i??t forget that this also applies to your online forms, comment boxes, company email, and even your website theme, plugins and extensions. And if you are on a shared server an attack on your website also puts every other site on that server at risk.

Better User Experience

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Providing the best possible user experience is essential to your online success. When major technology updates, like a browser or CMS update, occur it can have a big impact on how your business website, or parts of it, perform. As technology updates become more and more frequent they often result in one or more components breaking and not working at all. This also works the other way around. If you update a plugin or extension on your site, and your browser or CMS canai??i??t work with that update, that part of your business website or blog will break. When visitors come to your website they expect the best possible user experience. If forms, links, or any other components fail to work your visitors will simply go elsewhere.

Attract New Visitors

One of the most important elements of fresh content is that it will drive new traffic to your website. Stale, outdated content will cause people to jump off your website quickly. When you update the content, you can share it with social media and other sources. This is an ideal way to boost your overall website visibility with a new audience.

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