Responsive Designing

  • Core Benefits of Responsive Designing

  • A responsive designing website will work seamlessly on any mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop screen and is designed to adjust to meet the user’s needs.

Increased Traffic

Recent data from InMobi Insights indicates that nearly 60% of online usage is via mobile devices. Having a responsive designing website built for any mobile device will help drive traffic to your website. Mobile users are more likely to use sites that are designed for mobile use instead of those that simply display a desktop version on mobile devices. Upgrading to a responsive designing web site allows you to better meet mobile usersai??i?? needs and can positively impact traffic to your site.

Consistency Across Devices

Users often access the same website from multiple devices. For example, a potential customer may start the research and shopping process from a mobile tablet but then switch to a desktop computer to complete a purchase. If your website isnai??i??t responsive it may appear completely different on different devices. Mobile versions of desktop sites often have pared down features or a slightly different look which can lead to user confusion or frustration.

A Single Website to Build and Update

Responsive web design allows you the freedom to build and update just one site instead of spending time on multiple versions of the same site. This Pvt Ltdreases web development efficiency and ensures a consistent brand experience. Utilizing a single HTML decreases the amount of time spent on future updates to the website and provides greater control over your brand, message, and user experience.

Get Prepared for the Future

Who knows what the future of technology holds? Responsive web design allows you to meet the current needs of your users, regardless of the device, as well as accommodating for the future. If you upgrade and invest in responsive designing now youai??i??ve eliminated the guesswork about what may be on the technological horizon. Your website will adapt to whatever size of screen is being used now and in the future.

Designing with SEO in Mind

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Mobile-friendly websites rank higher with this new algorithm and a responsive designing website will help propel you to the front of usersai??i?? search engine results. Many think that a mobile version of a desktop site is enough to score well with the new Google algorithm. In reality, a mobile version can still hold you back because it requires the search engine to crawl and index two sites instead of one responsive site.

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