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PHP Framework

PHP is a very powerful and well known platform. Almost 50% of the web is powered by PHP. If you are a PHP developer then you should know that framework make things simple, manageable and fun to work with. There are many PHP frameworks out there so its probably hard to chose one.

We offer following PHP Framework services –

-Code Igniter
-Cake PHP


Cost efficiency

Being an open source language, PHP is the most cost effective solution available for developing a fully functional and dynamic website for your business. Moreover, when it comes to get the resources in the form of web developers, PHP development proves to be the most lucrative option. It is very easy to find out the deserving PHP developers. You can hire them easily by conducting just a little online search.

Highly compatible

PHP is best suited when organizations are planning for cross platform applications that are also compatible with the most prominent operating systems and web servers. The scripts can be easily run on Solaris, Linux, Windows, Mac OSX etc and it also supports servers like Apache, iPlanet, IIS and more.

Powering business websites

A PHP based business website, small or big, can be developed easily in terms of limited time frame and budget. Advanced PHP programming involves creation of CRM solutions, eCommerce websites, database driven websites, etc. PHP is highly useful for building user-friendly websites and attracting quality visitors to your website resulting in improvement of your ROI.

SEO Friendly

The coding used in PHP is streamlined and consistent. This is optimal for search engines to be able to easily read and index any piece of content that you add to your site. Our agency can work with you to determine which targeting opportunities would be the best fit for your business, and execute these efforts through the content throughout your website. Each page you create can be optimized to target a specific word or phrase through title tags, Meta descriptions, and other features that are clearly defined through the PHP content management system. Optimizing your website for search and providing visitors with a positive experience will result in your business receiving more relevant traffic, ranking higher than competitors, and getting discovered by qualified visitors.

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